Ethiopian Jew Who Seeks Abortion Finds Life

By Lorraine Brobbin,
Jewish Voice Medical Outreach Volunteer

“Destiny” was three months pregnant when she came to our Jewish Voice medical clinic in Gondar, Ethiopia. This precious Ethiopian Jew was hoping to have an abortion. Instead she found a greater solution to her situation. Lorraine Brobbin, who volunteered in the Prayer Room during the medical outreach in Gondar and who went with us earlier this year to Addis Ababa, shares this story of how God can change one surrendered heart.

There is usually a moment on a Jewish Voice medical outreach when you just know that was the reason the Lord led you to be there. During the fall 2010 Gondar medical clinic, it happened on the first day.

A Jewish lady I will call “Destiny” (not her real name) came to the clinic three months pregnant wanting an abortion. The nurse she spoke to explained that she didn’t perform abortions and that Destiny should visit the Prayer Room.

When Destiny sat down in front of Tasfanhu, my interpreter, and me, she initially thought that she was getting counselling before the abortion would be performed. She told us she had tried to abort the baby herself by drinking boiling hot water, but the baby was still alive and healthy.

We began to tell her about God’s love and proclaimed Jeremiah 29:11, which told her how God had a wonderful plan for her and her baby. We spent time sharing the Good News of the Gospel with her, and as we did, we saw God’s love melt her heart and Yeshua wrapHis loving arms around her.

In a moment everything changed. Suddenly she said, “I want to accept Yeshua into my heart. I want Him in my life.” We took her by the hand and led her in prayer.

As Destiny accepted Yeshua into her heart, instead of sensing the soft and tender presence of the Holy Spirit, we witnessed God’s love crashing down through the heavenlies, strong and powerful, full of the kind of holy fire that burns up everything in its path that is not of God. This dunamis love was so tangible that you could almost see it shoot right down from Destiny’s heart to her baby and back up to Destiny’s heart.

Instantly, she began shouting, “I want to keep my baby! I want to keep my baby!” Her face was so full of Jesus I knew angels were doing a double dance for the two lives that had just been saved.

We prayed for her some more, and she left the Prayer Room with a smile full of life, joy, hope, and destiny. Tasfanhu and I looked at each other and agreed that perfect love really does drive out fear, just as it is written in 1 John 4:18, because we had just witnessed it. Destiny came full of fear and left full of hope, and those who hope in the Lord will never be disappointed.

I’m looking forward to meeting Destiny’s baby in heaven one day and hearing about the amazing life story that Yeshua had planned.

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