Why Jews Need the Gospel Now

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman of Jewish Voice

By Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman,
Jewish Voice’s Staff Evangelist

The fact that we at Jewish Voice Ministries International are an evangelistic ministry is really important, because in some, not all, sects of dispensationalism, there is this feeling that since Jewish People will have their opportunity to be saved post-Rapture, it is not necessary to share the Good News with them right now.

The belief is that back in the days before the Crucifixion, Jews had their opportunity—the “Jesus bus” came up to get them and a lot of them got on then. But after Yeshua was crucified, the “bus” left. The “bus” is coming back again at the time of the Tribulation, but in the meantime, no Jews can get on the “bus”.

It sounds humorous, but the problem is dispensationalism forces many well-meaning Christians to say, “ I don’t need to share the Good News with Jewish People because they can’t get saved now anyway. “

That is a lie from the pit. There are Jewish People each and every day coming to Yeshua, so please don’t withhold the Gospel from them.

Watch Rabbi Jack in this YouTube clip of the July 22, 2010 Jewish Voice webcast:

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