Are Millennial Sacrifices Moot?

During our live, interactive July 22, 2010 Jewish Voice webcast, Amy asks by email, “It looks like there will be sacrifices done in the millennial kingdom. What are your thoughts?” Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman of Jewish Voice and guest Messianic Rabbi Crystal Lutton weigh in.

JACK ZIMMERMAN: Will there be sacrifices in the millennial kingdom? Of course there will be. In fact, the latter chapters of the book of Ezekiel talk about it, which begs the obvious question: If Yeshua has already come and gone—and we understand from the book of Hebrews that He is our once-and-for-all sacrifice—why the reinstituting of sacrifices in the millennial kingdom?

Will it be in spite of Yeshua? Absolutely not. In fact, it will be a memorium unto Him. So it’s not a replacing of the once-and-for-all sacrifice. Rather, it is going to be done to acknowledge Him as the once-and-for-all sacrifice, as the One who can give atonement.

CRYSTAL LUTTON: There are different types of sacrifices. A lot of people don’t realize Moses took multiple trips up Mount Sinai when he was receiving the Torah. It was only after the sin of the golden calf that he said I am going to get you atonement, and he went back up and brought the sin and guilt offerings to instruct them. Prior to that, there were sacrifices of animals that were involved with purification, thanksgiving, and daily blessings.

There is no reason not to believe that if there is a temple, there will not be sacrifices according to what God instructed them before He was even dealing with the problem of sin.

Jack Zimmerman is Staff Evangelist at Jewish Voice and Sr. Rabbi at Congregation Beth Simcha in Phoenix, Ariz. You can book him to speak at your church or congregation by going to our Church Relations page. Crystal Lutton is Rabbi/Pastor at Shema Congregation in Buckeye, Ariz.

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