Rabbi Meets Spiritual Need in Uruguay

By Jonathan Bernis,
Jewish Voice CEO

Jonathan Bernis, CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International, talks about the spiritual climate of Uruguay and the amazing results of the 2010 JVMI Messianic festival of Jewish music and dance in Montevideo during a staff chapel.

Uruguay is different from the surrounding countries like Argentina and Brazil, which have experienced revival and which have large churches on fire for the Lord.  They are nations that have a considerable number of Believers and have some recognition of God.

Uruguay is actually founded by Masonic leaders. It has a weird history, and it’s a very atheistic, agnostic country. While Argentina and Brazil are very warm spiritually, Uruguay is  very cold spiritually. That created a real challenge.

But by Saturday at the Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance, not  knowing if anyone would show up to the matinee, when I arrived with the performers about an hour and a half or two hours before, there was already a long line extending around the corner of the building.

When the matinee was finished—it was a packed hall—and they cleared out, I went outside again. The line of people waiting for the evening concert was already wrapped well around the hall. The Hear O’ Israel! Festival just ended with real victory.

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