In God’s Tractor Beam

By Jonathan Bernis,
CEO of Jewish Voice

In this post, Jonathan Bernis recounts the amazing things God did during the Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance in Montevideo, Uruguay, August 2010. In the YouTube video clip, Rabbi Bernis shares his passionate concern with the Jewish Voice staff for a Jewish Uruguayan widow who, though unbelieving, came to the Festival night performances and showed great interest.  Bernis believes this elderly woman will one day bow the knee to her Messiah Yeshua.

After the Thursday evening concert, I went out to a late dinner with Paul Wilbur just to talk to him about a few things. We found this remote restaurant that was about two blocks away from the concert hall.

We were sitting there quietly when a woman in her late 70s-early 80s walked through the door. She had a bag with all of the Festival books, so I knew right away she had come from the Festival.

She gently came up to us. She didn’t speak very good English, but she was a Jewish woman, not a Believer, who was on vacation in Montevideo from Beunos Aires. She had come to the Festival Wednesday and she had come back Thursday, and in broken English she made it clear that she was not a Believer and she didn’t believe in it.

I asked, “Did you enjoy it?” And she said, “Yes, yes, very much.”

She was planning on going to another city the next day and asked questions about Sabbath. I think she actually decided she would come back, but she made it clear she was not a Believer.

She said, “I did talk to the rabbi there.” She somehow talked with Rabbi Gorge Goldstein. She said, “ I don’t believe, but I love the event and I am going to services.” She had the address memorized of the Messianic Jewish congregation there.

Now, she didn’t know it, but I saw the marking. This is so typical of Jewish People —“I am not a Believer, but.”

We just rejoice because we talked to her for probably 15 minutes. She’s a widow in her early 80s, a retired doctor. It was so clear to me that she is in the tractor beam of the Lord. I have no doubts that in the next weeks or months we will get a report that she accepted the Lord. I am looking forward to seeing her when I go to Buenos Aires and minister at the Goldstein’s congregation. Although she is not a Believer yet, the Festival has opened her eyes and she is on the path to salvation.

When you sow the seed, you see different levels of response. There are different kinds of soil. This was a report of somebody in whom the Gospel hasn’t taken root and flourished yet, but it is seed that landed on good soil.

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