A Little Hebrew Goes a Long Way

By Wendy Arnold,
Uruguay 2010 Hear O’ Israel! Festival volunteer

Wendy Arnold (left) listens to instructions for JVMI participants.

Wendy Arnold (left) listens to instructions for JVMI participants.

The Hear O’ Israel! Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay, was my first experience with Jewish Voice. What a privilege to be counted among those representing the Creator of the universe, the King of kings!

During the street outreach, when the Jewish Voice team passed out fliers to local passersby to invite them to the nightly, free Messianic concert, I was delighted by those who would tell me they were not interested in the Hear O’ Israel Festival! event but then would immediately turn back to ask questions and take more than one flier to share with others.  One gentlemen actually walked away and half an hour or so later, tapped me on the shoulder  because he wanted to talk. He was even receptive to prayer.

At one point, I was asked to speak to a particular couple. When I heard the wife speaking, I asked, “Hebrew?”  She said yes. I was able to communicate with them, and it absolutely made their day as well as mine.  It was clear to me why no matter how many times I had threatened to drop out of Hebrew class because I said it was too difficult I stuck with it. My novice Hebrew was also helpful during a few of the Festival nights. God truly sees the bigger picture and places us exactly where we need to be.

Montevideo at times left me speechless with only a fountain of tears to express the awe and thankfulness for the things Messiah has done, is doing, and the greater things that are still yet to come!

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