Young Man Finds the Lord in Uruguay

By Mayune Charles-Vought,
Uruguay 2010 Hear O’ Israel! Festival volunteer

Participant Mayune Charles-Vought praises God.

Participant Mayune Charles-Vought praises God.

It is such a joy to be part of what God is doing in the earth today, saving His people from their sins. Words are not enough to say thanks to the administrative staff of Jewish Voice for going ahead and making it easier for us to join hearts and hands doing the work of the ministry.

I want to share with you a testimony that stands out in my mind that occurred on Friday evening, August 20, 2010, during the Hear O’ Israel! Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay.

That night the worship was great and Jonathan Bernis had just delivered a powerful message about Yeshua the true Messiah. People were invited to come up for prayer and they responded eagerly. It seemed that everyone had received prayer, but I kept looking around to see if all had their needs met.

Suddenly the Lord drew my eyes to a young man standing back close to the front row. He seemed lost, bewildered, heavy hearted, and burdened. A sad look covered his face. I approached him, and through Lester my interpreter, I asked if he had a need. He replied, “I want to be saved by Yeshua. I want to be forgiven of my sins.”

We went over the plan of salvation again and asked if he believed that Yeshua was the Savior of the world who had suffered and died for him as a Lamb slain and rose again on the third day, and that through His death and resurrection he now has forgiveness of sin and redemption through His blood. We asked him if he believed God’s Word for him. He said, “Yes, I believe.” We led him in a simple prayer of repentance, and then prayed over him God’s shalom, love, and blessing.

After the prayer his face shone with the joy and glory of the Lord.  He was no longer sad or lost.  He was happy, smiling as tears of joy ran down his face.  Yeshua (Jesus) had heard his cry and was now in his heart.

It was a real blessing to witness that instantaneous change. He was not Jewish but was now grafted into the true olive tree.

Glory to God!

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