Why Believers Should Read the Entire Bible

John Garr on "Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis"

John Garr on "Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis"

During one segment of our weekly half-hour broadcast, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, guest John Garr got the chance to share the importance of having a whole-Bible mentality as a Believer. Both Jews and Christians need to recognize that the two halves of God’s Word are equally valuable.

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JOHN GARR: The reality is the Bible is a continuum; it’s one book. I sometimes tell my audience there is only one page in your Bible that is not inspired by God: That’s the page in-between Malachi and Matthew that says the New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

JONATHAN BERNIS: That’s the wall for Jewish People and Christians. Jews stay on the left side of it, and Christians tend to stay on the right side of it. But it’s not the way God intended.

JOHN GARR: Then there is this false dichotomy between law and grace. In reality, there is law in grace and grace in the law. If you don’t believe that, there are more than 1,000 commandments in the New Testament. There are 613 in the Torah -that’s the five books of Moses. So, there is law in grace.

BERNIS: The “Book of Grace” actually has more laws than the Book of the Law.

GARR: The problem is we have thought of them as being laws when really they are instructions. The Torah is not so much the law in our Western way of thinking about law as it is the instructions of a wise father to his children. That’s what God did. He offered these instructions and recorded them through the words of holy men of God who were led along by the Holy Spirit. What they wrote was God-breathed. This is all God’s Word.

It’s a problem when you start taking this division and trying to pit one against the other, when in reality there is blessing in both the Old Testament and New Testament. We come to understand so much more about the New Testament when we begin to understand the Old Testament.

Watch Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis on your computer! Our television program is a weekly broadcast geared at helping Believers come to a better understanding of Bible prophecy, the Jewish roots of the faith, and current events in light of Messianic Judaism.

If you liked watching John Garr, how about reading his article “Celebrate: Remembering Appointments with God” (starts on p. 12) in ourSeptember/October issue of Jewish Voice Today? It’s all about the Jewish Fall Feasts.

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