The Bible Jesus Knew

This short Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis interview with author Dr. John Garr should help Christians in particular gain perspective on why the Old Testament is extremely important to their faith.

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JONATHAN BERNIS: It seems that so many Christians, although they say that the Bible is the inspired Word of God from Genesis to Revelation, spend the majority of time in the New Testament. The Old Testament may be a good history book, but the pages are still stuck together. Is that what you find?

DR. JOHN GARR: That’s very true, and one of the problems that so many Christians have is that they don’t understand that the Old Testament was the Bible of Jesus, that it was the Bible of Paul. As a matter of fact, Jesus never quoted once from the New Testament. Paul never quoted once from the New Testament.

JONATHAN BERNIS: That’s a shock to people listening, but it’s absolutely true.

JOHN GARR: But the Old Testament has great benefit for all of us. As a matter of fact, when Paul tells us to study all Scripture that Timothy had learned from childhood, those Scriptures were the Old Testament, because the New Testament didn’t exist at that time. It hadn’t even been written yet; it was in the process of being written. We value our New Testament Scriptures. We call them the apostolic Scriptures.

JONATHAN BERNIS: I want people to understand this clearly. When Paul and the others expounded on the Scriptures to prove that Jesus was the Messiah, they weren’t using the New Testament; they didn’t have the New Testament. They were using the Jewish Scriptures.

DR. JOHN GARR: I have often wondered how many ministers in Christianity would be as successful as the Apostles were in the first century if the only Scriptures they could quote from were the Old Testament as the Apostles did.

Watch Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis on your computer! Our television program is a weekly broadcast geared at helping Believers come to a better understanding of Bible prophecy, the Jewish roots of the faith, and current events in light of Messianic Judaism.

If you liked watching John Garr, how about reading his article “Celebrate: Remembering Appointments with God” (starts on p. 12) in our September/October issue of Jewish Voice Today? It’s all about the Jewish Fall Feasts.

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