Hear O’ Israel! Uruguay First Night Stats

By Lavi Matesan,
Jewish Voice Photojournalist and Correspondent
DATELINE: Montevideo, Uruguay

Here is a quick note on what God is doing through Jewish Voice staff and volunteers at the 2010 Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 was the  first night of our five-night Messianic Jewish Gospel performance schedule, featuring Messianic music from singer Paul Wilbur and violinist Maurice Sklar, Messianic dance from Oksana Pavlova, and the Gospel message from Jewish Voice’s Jonathan Bernis.

Results indicate that God brought us success!

Hear O’ Israel Uruguay First Night Attendance :

  • 1,200 attended
  • 16 were Jewish
  • 30 were believing Jews
  • 381 were Christian

First Night Salvations:

  • 5 Jewish people came to their Messiah
  • 44 non-Jews accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior
  • 426 cards turned in from people responding with an interest in Messianic Judaism or Yeshua who will be followed up with

Continue to pray that more people−both Jewish and non-Jewish−would bow their knee to the Lord and make that decision to dedicate their lives to Messiah Yeshua. Also pray for our team of staff and volunteers, who are working tirelessly to present God’s message clearly and powerfully through the arts, through prayer, through teaching and preaching, and through meeting people one-on-one on the streets. Ask God to give us energy and wisdom.

May He show Himself strong to the people of Montevideo!

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance

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