Testing the Spirits

How do you know whether what you are hearing and seeing is from God or from the devil or simply something you conjured up yourself? Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis and guest panelist Paul Lewis provide a scriptural answer to this much-asked question during the March 11, 2010 Jewish Voice live monthly webcast.

JONATHAN BERNIS: Testing the spirits means we have to compare everything, every revelation, to the Word of God. If it’s not in the Book or if it is opposed to the Book, then it’s not of God. If you have gone beyond the Bible, you have gone out too far.

We test everything by the truth revealed to us in the Word of God. And that’s really the way we test the spirits. It’s not about whether we feel a peace, because feelings are deceptive. You might feel peace but be led astray either by your own mind that is against the things of God when it’s not renewed or by a demonic spirit.

The Word of God is the will of God. It’s the voice of God. The Voice of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, will always lead us to Yeshua (Jesus) and always conform to the will of God.

PAUL LEWIS: We need to know the Word, because God never contradicts Himself. His Word is very clear and we need to be confident in His Word.

JONATHAN: Our mind is renewed by the Word of God, we ingest it, and then the Holy Spirit speaks through His Word. When we build our lives on that foundation, on the Word of God and the Word of God getting inside of us, we are not going to be deceived.

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