The Palestine Myth

During our July 22, 2010 live webcast, Bill tweeted in to Jewish_Voice the following question, “What is the Palestinian Covenant? How can it be when the land was Israel’s in the Bible? My maps and my commentary in my Bible actually say Palestine.” Jewish Voice’s Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman and his team of panel experts point to revisionist history and the agenda of the PLO for the truth.

JACK ZIMMERMAN: I have seen these maps that say Palestine as well, and every time I do I am reminded of Joseph Goebbels who said something like, “If you tell a lie often enough, people are going to accept it as truth.”  Unfortunately, people accept the idea as truth that there is a land called Palestine, that there is a Palestinian language, that there is a Palestinian people.

Granted, if you go back to the late 1930s-early 1940s, you can actually find postage stamps that say the word “Palestine” on it. Prior to the Jerusalem Post being called the Jerusalem Post, it was called the Palestine Post. But those terms actually applied to the Jewish People.

It is interesting that those who refer to themselves as Palestinians today say they are the true Palestinians, yet the whole idea of Palestinian people was invented in 1967.

People are still believing the lie. They are not looking at Numbers 34:1-12, which outlines the borders of Israel, and they are not at all taking credence in the fact that in 1977 a PLO executive committee member by the name of Zuhair Muhsin did an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw and specifically said something like, “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people. We posit the existence of a Palestinian people simply because of our cause to defeat Israel.”

CRYSTAL LUTTON: If you go back to older maps, Palestine was simply another name for Israel. The “Palestinian people” come from adherence to the goals of the Palestinian Liberation Army. Their goal is to liberate Palestine from the Jews and take it back over themselves. They are not a Palestinian people, as though Palestinian is a nationality or a people group. It’s more a cultural ideal that they are trying to advance.

JACK: If you have watched Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis in the past, you have seen Walid Shoebat on the show. He has written several books, including God’s War on Terror. He used to be a Palestinian terrorist. He told the story of how he was raised in Jordan and how one day in 1967 he woke up and was told he wasn’t Jordanian anymore, he was Palestinian; and instead of the Jordanian flag, they raised the Palestinian flag and had a Palestinian government.

We’ve got to stop believing the lie. There is no such thing as a Palestinian people.

Shocking Video About the PA

For more on how the  Palestinian Authority is misusing funds, watch this YouTube video from “Palestinian Corruption and Humanitarian Aid

Jack Zimmerman is Staff Evangelist at Jewish Voice. He is a regular on our Jewish Voice webcasts and also travels to churches and congregations to discuss the Jewish roots of the faith and to teach about Jewish holidays and traditions from a Messianic perspective. He is also Senior Rabbi at Congregation Beth Simcha in Phoenix.

Book Rabbi Jack to talk to your church or congregation. Here’s our Speaker’s Schedule to find out when Jack is available. Also, if you want to know when the key Jewish holidays are, check out these Jewish Voice speaking dates.

Crystal Lutton is Rabbi/Pastor at Shema Congregation in Buckeye, AZ. Visit her online:

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