Pray for JVMI’s Uruguay Evangelistic Outreach

Uruguay city scene

Beautiful Uruguay

It won’t be long before our team from Jewish Voice travels to Montevideo, Uruguay, to bring the Gospel through a creative presentation of Messianic Jewish music and dance to the Jewish people in South America! Trip dates are August 13-23.

We covet your intercessory prayers for this international evangelistic outreach.

Here are specific ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray that our Jewish Voice team and volunteers would remain healthy and unified during this short term mission.
  • Pray that all volunteers and luggage get to the final destination with no trip delays due to weather or airport issues.
  • Pray for safety and God’s anointing on our street team in Montevideo, tasked with handing out flyers detailing the performance event to the locals.
  • Pray that every seat in the event arena would be filled with willing souls ready to be challenged in their faith.
  • Pray that the Jewish People in Montevideo who attend this Messianic event will be open to accepting Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah when the Gospel is presented.
  • Pray that a record number of Jewish People would accept the Lord as their personal Savior.
  • Pray for our intercessory team to have God’s revelation, power, and compassion for each soul that desires special prayer.
  • Pray that our Jewish Voice team is able to beautifully capture this event through various media—including TV/video, photos, stories, and more.
  • Pray that all Messianic singers and dancers would have consistent energy and God’s anointing during the performances.
  • Pray for Jonathan Bernis as he presents the Gospel message through a translator that the message is broadcast clearly and with passion.
  • Pray that this experience would be life changing—both for those we minister to in Uruguay and those who join us on this outreach.

Thank you!

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Hear O’ Israel Festival of Jewish Music and Dance

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