Should Believers in Yeshua Attend Synagogue?

During our monthly Jewish Voice webcast on May 25, 2010, one viewer posed a question that many Believers who are interested in the Jewish roots of the faith might ask at sometime during their walk with Yeshua (Jesus). Though not trying to discourage a deeper understanding of Judaism, Rabbi Jack Zimmerman and Rabbi Jonathan Bernis do offer several words of caution.

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It’s wonderful to become familiar with the Jewish synagogue in your community and to have fellowship in terms of showing your love and using it as an opportunity to witness to the Jewish community. But I would not suggest that your attendance at the Jewish synagogue be done on a regular basis.

The Bible talks about the need to equip the saints. I would not suggest you do that in lieu of attending a church where you would be spiritually fed, only that you would see the Jewish synagogue as a place where you could have fellowship with Jewish people and find out more about their culture and customs to give you better familiarity on how to lead them to Yeshua.

The reason why the Jewish synagogue is not a place where you can be spiritually fed is because they don’t believe in Yeshua as the Messiah. They will only go as far as the Tenach, the Old Testament, takes them. You will be gaining some familiarity with the Jewish community, but you don’t want to make attendance a habit because of that.

— Jack Zimmerman

You have to remember that as much as we love the Jewish People, we have a fundamental difference when it comes to who the Messiah is. We believe He is Yeshua, and they believe that Yeshua is not the Messiah.

As a matter of fact, Judaism is based as much on what we don’t believe as what we do believe. So much of Judaism is a reaction against that truth, which is in Him (Yeshua) we live and move and have our being.

We hope all of you watching will be very cautious and understand that fundamental rejection of the King of Israel and Savior for the world.

— Jonathan Bernis

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If you want to watch more video, check out our weekly TV show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis. It’s a great way to build your faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective!

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