Bible Prophecy and the Jerusalem-USA Link

By Jonathan Bernis,
Executive Director, Jewish Voice

During our May 25, 2010 live, interactive Jewish Voice webcast, Chloe from Tucson, Arizona, asks our webcast panel, “Is it significant in biblical or End Time terms that the city of Jerusalem contains the letters U-S-A within its name?” Rabbi Jonathan Bernis redirects our viewpoint away from the significance of the United States and to  the importance of America’s alignment with Israel.

Watch Rabbi Bernis in this YouTube clip from our Jewish Voice webcast.

I have heard that before, but prophetically I see no connection between Israel and the United States in Bible prophecy. What I do see is a connection between the nations of the world in Zechariah turning against Israel and Jerusalem being a stone of stumbling for the entire world.

I do think there is significance to the United States continuing to support Israel, although I think that support is waning. But I don’t see a bridge between the USA and Jerusalem in Bible prophecy. What I do see is evangelical Christians, Bible believing Christians, standing up with Israel all around the world and becoming Israel’s only true friend.

I would say it is not Israel ultimately in a biblical sense that needs the United States, but the United States that needs Israel. As long as we continue to support Israel, I think we will experience that blessing promised in Genesis 12:3. When support for Israel diminishes, as I am afraid we are seeing now, we will see the removal of that dimension of God’s blessing. It’s not the only area that brings the blessing or the curse of God but it is one clear one.

So I would encourage you to continue to stand with Israel. The greatest blessing that you can give the Jewish People, Israel, is the Gospel, the message of eternal life.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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