August 2010 Jewish Voice TV Guests

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV program

"Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis" TV program

Enjoy our weekly Jewish Voice broadcast with Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis! This month we have some exciting guests for our TV show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis. Learn about the Jewish roots of your faith, Bible prophecy, current events, and theology – all form a Messianic Jewish perspective!

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8/2- 8/8
Ben Kinchlow

Founder of Americans for Israel, Ben Kinchlow reveals the shocking truth about “land for peace” negotiations and the final goal the president of Iran has for Israel.

8/9 – 8/15
Peter Loth

Peter Loth shares his painful journey from birth in a Nazi concentration camp to escaping a mass execution of Jewish children by Russian soldiers after the war.

8/16 – 8/22
Peter Loth

In part two of his incredible story, Peter Loth shares how he discovered his Polish mother was really not his own, his difficult reunion with his Jewish mother and African American stepfather, and a journey to America that put him directly in the middle of racism in the South.

8/23 – 8/29
Donald Yates

DNA researcher and author Donald Yates joins Jonathan Bernis to reveal why much of Scotland’s history and culture was Jewish as well as Celtic.

8/30 – 9/5
Jonathan Bernis

Join Jonathan Bernis for 5 days in Addis Ababa as he shares the amazing survival of ancient Jewish tribes within the nation of Ethiopia.

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