Rabbi Jack’s Recommended Reading On Jewish Culture

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

If you need help understanding Jewish idioms, culture, and tradition, our in-house Jewish Voice staff evangelist, Rabbi Jack Zimmerman, recommends these two books, which he discussed during our July 22, 2010 webcast in answer to an e-mail question:

Book Rabbi Jack to talk to your church or congregation. Here’s our Speaker’s Schedule to find out when Jack is available. Also, if you want to know when the key Jewish holidays are, check out these Jewish Voice speaking dates.

If you want to learn more about our live monthly webcasts that answer questions about the Bible, prophecy, and faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective, check out our Jewish Voice webcasts on YouTube.

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  1. myriam roxas

     /  February 17, 2012

    hi! hope to hear from you regarding my former question for you. thanks.

  2. myriam roxas

     /  February 15, 2012

    gud pm rabbi jack! this is miriam. i just want to ask if is it possible for you to have a messianic community here in Manila, Philippines? there are some messianic community here but they have different teachings like for example, one community is teaching that you only call in the name of Yeshua only not Jesus. because you will not be save if you call on the other name. only in the name of Yeshua you can call for you to be save. what is your opinion about this? hope to get your answer. thanks.

  3. Pamela

     /  July 28, 2010

    Rabbi Jack: throughly enjoyed the webcast the other night, you even answered my question…toda!

    • laura4jvmi

       /  July 28, 2010

      Fantastic, Pamela!

      You are always welcome to ask more questions. If you want, you can even tweet them to our Twitter account. Go to http://www.twitter.com/jewish_voice and follow us. Then send an @reply message with your webcast question. We would love to hear from you again, because questions like yours benefit all of us and bring us into a better understanding of our Jewish roots. Blessings!



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