Challenging Jews to Read the Bible

By Rabbi Tim Hyslip of  Baruch HaShem and Rabbi Jack Zimmerman of Jewish Voice

This clip from YouTube is taken from our April 15, 2010 live webcast in answer to a viewer question. Our two Messianic rabbis, guest Rabbi Tim and Jewish Voice’s Rabbi Jack, consider how to get Jews to crack open the Scriptures and truly read God’s Word for themselves.

RABBI TIM HYSLIP: How many Jewish Believers have you talked to who have come to faith simply because they were challenged one day to read Isaiah 53? God was the one who revealed it to them.

Something we say in our congregation all the time is that we exist to give an accurate presentation of the Good News of Messiah to Jewish Phoenix, because they haven’t had an accurate presentation from the Word. They have been presented with what the rabbis have said, so of course they are going to say, “No, Yeshua is not the Messiah.” But when they look at the Word and they receive that accurate presentation, they realize that He can’t be anything but the Messiah.

RABBI JACK ZIMMERMAN: A key word used in this conversation several times is the word challenge. Let’s say somebody does a movie review. They say this movie is great, it’s terrific, it’s the most wonderful movie. Then you find out that they didn’t actually see the movie, but they made all of those things up. What kind of credibility would you give that person? If you are Jewish and you don’t yet know Yeshua as your Messiah, it would be just as problematic for you to arrive at a similar conclusion without reading your own Bible.

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