YouTube Video: OT Prophecy Proves Yeshua (Jesus) Is Messiah

By Jack Zimmerman,
Jewish Voice Staff Evangelist

The Scriptures speak of a Jewish Messiah who would have to fulfill the following qualifications:

  • He would have to be crucified in accordance with Psalm 22.
  • He would have to be born of a virgin in accordance with Isaiah 7:14.
  • He would have to die and suffer a horrible death – not for anything He did, but for everything we did according to Isaiah 53.
  • He would have to be born in Bethlehem according to Micah 5:2.
  • He would be pierced for what we did according to Zechariah 12:10.
  • He would have to come the first time before the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem according to Daniel 9:25-27.

That describes the Jewish Messiah. So now I have a challenge for those who say it’s not Jesus: Who else fulfilled all of those prophecies? Can you name someone? I don’t think you can.

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