America: Mission Field for Jewish Evangelism (YouTube Video)

By Rabbi Jack Zimmerman,
Staff Evangelist
at Jewish Voice

Some people have asked, ” What is the hardest mission field in the whole world in order to reach Jewish people with Yeshua?” How about right here in the United States?!

I’ve been overseas. I have been to places like Russia, Ukraine, and Ethiopia, and I find there that it is a lot easier to reach Jewish people with the Good News. I have simply been in situations where I have said, “Here is what it says right there in the Bible.” And a Jewish person has said, “Well, if it says that in the Bible, then there’s no reason why I wouldn’t believe. That is the Word of God.”

But here it’s a little bit different because the vast majority of Jewish people here in the United States are secular. They really don’t read the Bible. They consider themselves Jewish not because of any relationship with God or because of God’s covenant with Abraham, but simply because of their culture.

The idea is, well, if I eat some matzah on Passover, if I spin the dreidel and light the menorah on Chanukah, if I go to synagogue twice a year on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to hear the blowing of the shofar, I guess that’s what makes me Jewish. But, of course, God has an entirely different opinion.

So, here in America, here in the United States, it’s a different dynamic. It’s a lot more of a challenge reaching Jewish people here because they are a lot more skeptical about hearing the Gospel. But the Good News—pun intended—is that greater numbers of Jewish people each and every day are asking Yeshua into their lives.

I get emails, phone calls, and letters from Jewish people who want to know why there are so many more Jewish people accepting Yeshua every day. Is there something that they are missing? And I am always so blessed to share it with them.

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Jewish Voice Ministries International

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