Peter Witnesses Miracle in Ethiopia

By Peter Zilioli,
JVMI Medical Outreach Volunteer to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I was on the Security Team during the Jewish Voice medical trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. On Wednesday afternoon, April 28, I was invited into the Prayer Room. Shortly thereafter, two young brothers (roughly 10-12 years old) came in for prayer. They had both received treatment for throat conditions; one had a problem with his tonsils, which was causing swelling in the front of his throat.

Through an interpreter, the boys where asked if they believed in God. They responded affirmatively. They then heard a passage from the Psalms about healing. Sidney, who also worked with me in Security and acted as one of our JVMI intercessors, then put a little oil on their throats and laid hands on them and prayed for their healing.

After a couple of minutes, Sidney sat down and asked how they were. He asked them to show their throats. We noticed that the swelling had gone down considerably on the boy with the swollen throat. This was the Holy Spirit answering his prayer. If I  hadn’t seen it myself, I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

Did you know that you make it possible for Jewish Voice to take trips like this to the far corners of the earth to personally touch the lives of desperate Jewish People with the love of Yeshua? Your prayer support, volunteer efforts, and financial blessing make all the difference. Thank you!

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