Ethiopia Short-Term Mission: The Outcast That Jesus Loves

By Mayune Charles-Vought
JVMI Medical Outreach Volunteer to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We at Jewish Voice couldn’t do our medical outreaches without the help of our wonderful volunteers. Mayune shares this touching story of a precious Jewish Ethiopian girl who chose to accept Yeshua as her Messiah, despite the implications of persecution within her own family.

One event during the Jewish Voice medical mission to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia stands out in my mind. It concerns a 10-year-old Jewish girl who had been seen in the medical clinic and had come to the Prayer Room to hear about Yeshua (Jesus). After listening attentively, she decided to receive Him into her heart and life.

What she said after her prayer of faith was quite chilling. She said that both her parents, who were Believers, were dead. She revealed that she now lived with her aunt, who was not a Believer, and that her aunt would put her out on the street if she told her aunt that she had received Christ as her Messiah. That little girl was dressed very poorly—she obviously did not have much—but she wanted Jesus.

I told her not to tell her aunt anything now but to pray for her that Yeshua would change her heart. I told her that it was OK to tell her friends and to believe in Yeshua’s love for her. He would protect her and be with her every day. I prayed for God’s special favor on her life.

I gave her a hug, and I felt such courage and faith from this little girl. I know our Jesus will provide for her and protect her in His care. She was the outcast that Jesus loved.

Did you know that you make it possible for Jewish Voice to take trips like this to the far corners of the earth to personally touch the lives of desperate Jewish People with the love of Yeshua? Your prayer support, volunteer efforts, and financial blessing make all the difference. Thank you!

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  1. Mayune, thank you for your blog post. I really enjoyed reading and look forward to reading more. I have attended the Buffalo Celebrates Jewish community by Eagle wings ministry!

    Keep writing!
    God Bless


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