God’s Immeasurable 20/20 Faithfulness to Ethiopian Jew

An eye surgery patient and her son at the JVMI medical clinic.

An eye surgery patient and her son at the JVMI medical clinic.

By Lorraine Brobbin,
JVMI Medical Outreach Volunteer to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

On the last afternoon of the Jewish Voice medical clinic, a man with very poor eyesight walked into the Prayer Room, where we were working. He had had been given a pair of glasses, which he clutched like precious pearls. His eyes were watering very badly, and he asked if we would pray for the watering to stop.

We did, and after a few minutes the watering did stop and his eyes were healed. His face lit up like a light bulb—so did mine. He had the biggest smile, which only got bigger when he realized he now could not see with his glasses on! He took them off to discover he could see perfectly without them and had 20/20 vision.

He could see everything clearly, including the writing on the paper on the table. He started reading aloud the miracles, healings, and salvations we documented that morning. He was in total amazement, and so were we. He got more than he asked for. That is our God!

We told him that Yeshua had healed him because He loves him. We shared God’s love and the Gospel, and he gave his life to his Saviour.

As he did, the love that wrapped around this man was almost visible; a swirling vortex of love descended upon him and wrapped around him like a big, cozy duvet. It was tangible—I could feel it—and I knew with all my heart that the Lord longed to be gracious to this man, and His longing was fulfilled as the Lord took up residency in his heart.  The man, with his eyes still closed, looked like he had been transported to another time and space as he experienced for the first time the pure, holy love of God.

As I watched, I remembered Ephesians 3:20—”Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can think or ask, dream or imagine, according to His power at work within us, to Him be glory in the church.” This is the God we serve, a Father who loves to go above and beyond what we ask, expect, or dream. This man experienced the “immeasurably more” God that day.  He came with a request to be healed for watery eyes, but was also given perfect vision and an encounter with His Maker.

This is what God loves to do—surprise us with His bounty and goodness and give us immeasurably more than what we dare ask for.  I witnessed this that day as extravagant  love and grace was poured upon this Ethiopian Jew.  This verse from Ephesians was certainly true at the JVMI medical clinic that week. With less people, God did above and beyond what any would have dreamed or imagined possible. He is truly the God of surprises. He is love. He is the “immeasurably more”  God.

The week was an amazing blessing, as I have watched God pour out His love, compassion, and healing on His People. To be a part of this moment in time was an honor and a privilege.

Did you know that you make it possible for Jewish Voice to take trips like this to the far corners of the earth to personally touch the lives of desperate Jewish People with the love of Yeshua? Your prayer support, volunteer efforts, and financial blessing makes all the difference. Thank you!

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  1. i was one of the person who saw your appreciable works done in addis ababa, kechene village.i believe this community is greatly harmed by the low socio-economic status, requiring continious help and support.
    and i am sure you all will continiue your activities on atleast improving their health status. there is nothing is more than health!!
    thank you!

    • Laura for Jewish Voice Ministries International

       /  August 30, 2010

      Hi, Fanuael,

      Thank you for your comments. We very much appreciate your kind words. May God continue to help us so that we can bless the people in Addis with His love!



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