Presbyterian Reader’s Response to ‘The Left Is Still Not Right’

May/June 2010 issue of Jewish Voice Today

May/June 2010 Jewish Voice Today

By M. Tyler,
Jewish Voice Today Reader

Hi! This message is for Jan Markell concerning her article “The Left Is Still Not Right.”

I agree with your premise wholeheartedly that the Left are not right, Jan; however, I am concerned about the generalization of Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) Christians. I am a member of a Presbyterian church affiliated with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), perhaps an important distinction in this case but anyone reading your article without knowledge of the two affiliates would think activist anti-Semitism is part and parcel of the creed that governs all Presbyterians in the USA.

There is also the danger of offending those of us who would not have voted for Obama if our lives depended on it; those of us who have supported Israel with our prayers and finances and take our alignment with her seriously both individually and nationally.

I was aware the mutual funds were available but do not own any. I was not aware of the advice to divest and was not aware of any letters sent to the Palestinian Friends by any committee.

I am so sorry that there are Christians who voted for Obama, Jan. I know some of them. That kind of spiritual blindness baffles me. I pray for them. I find myself having to forgive them almost daily. I do not think they are all anti-Semites any more than they are all pro-abortion. They are an enigma that some of us will never be able to understand. My concern is for the Jewish People’s misconception as it relates to Presbyterian people as a whole.

I am truly sorry the Jewish People are going through this pain and trauma.

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  1. The Presbyterian Church has been on a slippery slope on several theological issues for some time…in the early part of the 20th Century, Presbyterian pastors and seminarians were staunch supporters of concise and literal bible interpretation…somewhere down the line they have slid into the homosexual and anti-semetic gutter – so, it is not hard to understand why they don’t support Israel(dis-investment) and now deciding to ordain practicing homosexuals – there will certainly be a day of reckoning with Christ in the Judgement Seat – as there will be a disintegration of the Presbyterian Church on this earth as more conservative worshippers move elsewhere to find true Christian values, firm theology and accurate eschatology.


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