May 2010 Jewish Voice TV Guests

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV program

"Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis" TV program

We have some exciting guests coming up on our weekly television program, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis. Our program teaches you about the Jewish roots of New Testament faith, Bible prophecy, and Israel through news, interviews, testimonies, and special reports from our mission outreaches.

Here are the guests for May on our half-hour weekly program. Be sure to watch us on the Web! Or catch us on GOD TV, TBN, and many other Christian affiliate. Be sure to see our broadcast schedule.

5/3 – 5/9
Nutrition expert Danny Vierra explains why the American diet is the worst eating plan and offers a biblical strategy for better health.

Dr. Yitzhak Ben Yisrael, retired IDF general and head of the Israeli Space Agency, shares more about Iran’s nuclear threat. Plus, highlights from an interview with Joel Rosenberg, who explains why America needs to support Israel.

Hebrew scholar Danny Ben-Gigi discusses the transliterated New Testament.

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  1. Recently you had a guest who spoke of dna research to identify jewish markers in both the x and y chromosomes i need despratly to get his email or web adress to prove my own jewish ancestry.
    Would appreciate any info you can foward .
    next year in yerushlayim! SHALOM ALECHEM

  2. May I continue? I just want to say that I wish I had the funds to send the money each month that you’ve asked for. I’ll send a gift, where would u like me to send it to? Is there a fund that goes towards the children of Russia/Ukraine? God gave me a heart so caring for Sick Children’s Hospital, animals, & these precious souls in Russia, which you’ll never hear about IN MAINSTEAM MEDIA!’s a joke! Thank-u again, keep me posted! God bless you & keep you, Amen.

  3. I want to thank you for your last news paper on what has been happening lately. It really touched my heart to see your love & caring for the Russian people! I saw something on UTUBE that was so disturbing. There were kids sleeping in a air port or something like that. Most people would walk on by! Can you imagine?? I don’t know if I’d make it on my plane! I’d be crouched down praying over so many, tears pouring onto them! I saw images of kids in the street, some with their dear little “loyal” companions-DOGS. I really felt for them too I’m a great animal lover! (no more room.)
    I don’t have the means of sending money ea. month

  4. Keep up the good work that you are doing may God bless your ministry abundantly.
    I would like also to participate in your ministry speclaly in Adiss ababa Ethiopia since am from there.


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