Becoming God’s Arrow: Questioning the Quiver

By Cheryl Schang,
JVMI’s Vice President of Global Outreach

In the final part of this series, Cheryl explains the purpose of being put back into the quiver, right when we think we are ready to soar for God.

Let’s review the tortuous process we each go through to become an arrow:

  • You have been cut out.
  • You have been stripped away.
  • You have been placed in the tray and had hot water poured over you till you cracked, literally.
  • You have had an arrowhead put on you.
  • You have had feathers put on you.
  • You have been shot multiple times By God to prove you.

Now you are ready, right? Does the Scripture say that He made you His select arrow and He put you in His bow? No… you go through all of that and you go into the quiver.

If you are an arrow, the quiver looks like a long, black tunnel. And you are troubled by God’s decision to place you there.

“But, God,” we whine. “I did everything You wanted. I left everything behind. I went through the molding and the shaping and years and years of proving myself to You.”

God says, “Great. Right here, in the quiver.”

Can you imagine going out to hunt a bear and carrying arrows around in a plastic shopping bag? Of course not. That’s why you need a quiver, which is strapped to the back. We are strapped to God. Yes, we are in the quiver, but we are strapped to God. We are hidden with Christ.

If we look at Joseph and his situation, we see that God gave him big promises, he did everything right, he served the Lord. But Joseph was not “good to go.” He went back into the quiver. He endured Potiphar’s house and 13 years in prison, yet the Word tells us that Joseph was a successful man. He was in prison, but he was a successful man.

How can you be successful in prison? First, you don’t murmur and complain. Joseph chose grace instead of getting bitter because he was in the tray being shaped by God. Most importantly, he didn’t faint. He didn’t lose hope. Joseph listened when the people in the jail had dreams that needed interpreting.

Joseph spent time in the quiver, and then suddenly God reached back into that quiver and asked, “Joseph, are you there? Are you ready, Joseph?” God pulled him out and shot him straight into the king’s palace. He became prime minister of Egypt.

Remember David? David slayed Goliath and he had this prophecy that he was going to be king. He must have been thinking, Everybody adores me. I have got this word that I am going to be king. I am good to go. Yes… to the cave where everyone was trying to hunt him down and kill him and where he would be hanging out with a bunch of bandits and hoodlums for a while.

And then the day came when God reached back into the quiver and said, “David, are you there? Are you ready?” He pulled David out and shot him straight into the king’s palace.

You are God’s arrow because you said yes to God. You said, “Yes, Lord, I will follow You.” I am just here to let you know what your contract includes. It means you get cut out of your tree, you get stripped away until there is nothing left that even identifies you as unique or special, you get put into a tray with hot water poured over you until you crack, you get shot time and time again for no apparent purpose, and then you get the Word inside you to get that balance, you get filled with the Holy Spirit over and over again. You get yourself so prepared, and then you go into the quiver.

It’s usually not five minutes in the quiver. It’s until you “get it,” so don’t be a slow learner. The quiver is time when all your secret ambition comes to the surface. It’s the final stage.

Because you said yes to God, you are an arrow. You are in some stage of God using you to hit the mark. You might still be in the stripping stage. You might be in the formation stage. You might be in the adding the feathers and arrowhead stage. Or you might be all ready.

You might be thinking, Man, I should have my own ministry by now. I should be in this position by now. I should have achieved something by now. Don’t lose heart. Remember, God has you in this amazing process, so submit to it and submit to Him.

This series is based on a sermon by Terry Virgo.

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