Banded by His Love

By Bob Baublitz,
JVMI Medical Outreach Volunteer, Security

Bob Baublitz shows the compassion of Yeshua while ministering to the Mizo people of Mizoram, India.

Bob Baublitz shows the compassion of Yeshua while ministering to the Mizo people of Mizoram, India.

I am an outdoorsman by heart, so when I heard that Jewish Voice was doing a medical outreach to the remote mountains of northeast India, staying in tents and eating backpacker meals, I jumped at the opportunity.

JVMI’s International Medical Director Dr. Everett Holley told us that each member of this team was just as important as any other, that if any one part broke down, the whole would suffer. I was reminded of 1 Corinthians 12:12-26, where the apostle Paul talks about the Body of Christ. That is a big reason why I will continue to support and participate with Jewish Voice.

At the second village of Saitual, I saw the people lining up at the entrance hours before sunrise, as they’d done every morning, hoping for a rare visit with a doctor.

Every single one had a need, either medical, eye problem, or dental. We would put a band on their wrist and mark it with an ‘M’, an ‘E,’ or a ‘D’ depending on their greatest need. Putting the bands on their wrists, I was able to look them in the eye. To many I said, ” Good morning.” Most responded in kind. After many hours and days of this, I grew closer to these people than I realized.

When my team leader told me to take a break, I found myself walking into the Prayer Room. Mary began to pray over me as I cried out to God, “There are so many, they just keep coming.” I knew we couldn’t meet all their needs, but God could.

Even after we’re gone, He will continue moving in these people, in these villages, because of their renewed faith in Yeshua—God, to them, through us.

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  1. LeRoy Baublitz

     /  February 8, 2011

    I am whorshiping with BRIT AHM Messianic Snagogue in pensacola, Fl. at
    present. Trying to connect my Jewish faith. Baublitz family settled in Gettysburg, Pa. around 1850 from Germany to New York. Dr. Bob Baublitz if you any info please email above also – Rabbi Eric Tokajer Email;


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