Nursing Spiritual Needs in India

By Mara Waxenbaum,
ER Nurse and JVMI Medical Outreach Volunteer

Mara Waxenbaum prays to God for healing.

Mara Waxenbaum, left, prays to God for healing for a Mizo woman.

Upon growing up in a reformed Jewish household and accepting Yeshua as my Messiah almost six years ago, I could have never imagined the mighty situations He would place in my path.

My first trip to India with Jewish Voice, I went as a nurse to provide care to the people of Mizoram. After working the first morning, I was invited to come assist in the Prayer Room for what I thought would be a very short period of time. However, God had different plans, and I ended up staying in the Prayer Room for the entire clinic.

God was moving so powerfully that it was hard to keep up with the miracles taking place! Deaf ears unstopped, eyes received complete clarity, heart murmurs disappeared, tumors evaporated, countless broken hearts mended, the lame and the paralyzed walked out, and the angels rejoiced in heaven as salvations occurred!

I would greatly encourage anyone who is questioning God’s call on their hearts for missions to say yes to Him. He will use your hands and feet to love others, and you will be tremendously blessed in return.

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