What is Your $10 Worth?

moneyIn today’s economy, your $10 might be able to purchase the following:
  • A lunch special.
  • Gift cards for your friends.
  • A couple of cups of designer coffee.
  • Maybe even a movie ticket on opening night in select theaters.
  • OK, but here’s the thing. Once your $10 is spent, what do you have to show for your money? Momentary happiness.

    But what if your $10 could reach beyond your home, your city, your country?

    What if that same $10 could go toward transforming the hearts and minds of poor and dejected people who will find relief from physical suffering and meet people who will tell them of the hope they have in Jesus Christ?
    That same $10 each month could provide food, medicine, and clothing.

    That’s a great deal!

    That’s why we decided to start The 10/10 Challenge.

    It’s one way to combine the little each of us has to make a huge global contribution that will end suffering for many around the world.

    We at Jewish Voice have been ministering the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) around the world through television, the Internet, international festivals, medical clinics, food deliveries, leadership training, and more.

    Join The 10/10 Challenge today!

    Visit Jewish Voice Ministries International online

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