Mizoram Medical Outreach: Day Three

By Lavi Matesan, Reporter
March 3, 2010

It is day three of our first Jewish Voice medical clinic in Mizoram, India. We will only be able to treat patients for half the day today here in Serchhip, because we must spend the rest of the day tearing down our camp and transporting medical supplies and staff to our next medical clinic location in Saitual.

This won’t be our first time in Saitual. We first traveled to this village in 2008, bringing food to needy Jewish People there. Rats had completely decimated their crops, causing a severe famine.

Today we plan on seeing some 500 patients before we leave for Saitual. So far, our staff of around 33 has seen 2, 950 patients during our two-and-a-half day medical clinic in Serchhip. And we estimate that number will increase to more than 3,000 by the end of our first clinic.

Our prayer team has seen God move mightily among those suffering with various pains, witnessing God’s healing touch. The team believes that God will completely heal all who came for prayer today.

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