God at Work: India Medical Clinic Day One

By Lavi Mateson, Reporter

March 1, 2010

Today is March 1, 2010, the first day of our JVMI medical clinic held at the Deputy Commissioner’s complex in the village of Serchhip in Mizoram, India. The Jewish Voice team treated a total of 1,655 people, providing medical care, dental care, eye care, and prayer. Our 33-member team includes six doctors, one nurse practitioner, one mid-wife, one dentist, one dental hygienist, one optometrist, one optician, and several non-medical people.

Our two- to four-person prayer teams ministered to approximately 140 people, asking God to work miracles of physical healing among these precious Jewish People. God healed many who were lame and in severe pain due to restricted movement. In fact, almost all those we prayed for received either a full or partial healing!

In this predominantly Presbyterian town, many know about God and about Yeshua (Jesus), but many have never personally accepted the Lord as their Messiah. In the first day of our clinic in Serchhip, some 30 people became Believers in Messiah.

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