Going to the Jungle!

Mizoram, India

A city center in Mizoram, India

We aren’t kidding when we say, “It’s a jungle out there!” At least not when it comes to explaining where Jewish Voice will be bringing medical relief to thousands of hurting Jewish People starting February 26, 2010.

Remote villages in mountainous Mizoram, India, are our prime location for two of our medical clinics, where we will be treating patients through eye care, dentistry, and general medicine.

Mizoram is a state in the northeast of India, and the people we are serving are the Mizo people. They are believed to be descendants of the Lost Tribe of Menashe. Most Mizos believe that Judaism and Christianity are at odds with each other, so we have an amazing opportunity to proclaim Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah!

Please be in prayer for our ministry efforts through our medical outreaches in India. Our trip dates are 2/26 – 3/7. Thank you in advance!

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