India Medical Outreach 2010: Your Prayers Are Vital!

Mizoram India Medical Outreach 2010Jewish Voice’s medical outreach to Mizoram, India, is fast approaching.

Our team of 36, including doctors, nurses, intercessors, media specialists, and more, is scheduled to minister to the Jewish People of Mizoram February 26-March 7, 2010. Our team will be ministering through two clinics in two villages. These villages are remote – between 2.5 and four hours away from a major city center.

Not only are we going to bring optical care, dentistry, and general medicine to the people of Mizoram through our two clinics, each lasting about three and one-half days in two different villages, but we are going to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prayer ministry to them as well.

We estimate that we will treat anywhere from 500 to 1,000 people per day through our medical clinics. And it is our hope that the patients we serve will come to know and accept Yeshua (Jesus), their Messiah.

In order for our JVMI mission to be successful, however, we need your vital prayer support.

Here are specific ways you can pray for Jewish Voice as we minister to the Jewish People in Mizoram.

India Outreach Prayer Needs:

  • Health, strength, and energy for the JVMI outreach team.
  • Smooth and safe travel to India and back—with no lost luggage.
  • Expedient set-up and tear-down of each three and one-half day medical clinic.
  • Deep compassion for those we minister to in Mizoram.
  • That the Jewish People of Mizoram would have open eyes and ears and softened hearts to receive what the Lord does and continues to do for them.
  • That the Jewish Voice outreach team would see an exponential amount of Mizos (locals) and that these Mizos would see Yeshua in our words and actions.
  • That Jewish Voice would be able to clearly proclaim all the mighty works the Lord does in Mizoram. We expect amazing miracles!

Thank you in advance for your faithful prayer support.

Please visit for more information about upcoming outreaches, to learn about the Jewish roots of your faith, to subscribe to our magazine, Jewish Voice Today, to watch our TV show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, and so much more!

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