Concluding Night of Cordoba Festival 2009

What an incredible night!

It’s now past 1:00 a.m. and we’ve just barely concluded our first festival event in Cordoba.

For the past two days, it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Wednesday and Thursday have blended and blurred into the same day, due to how seemingly fast time is moving. Street Outreach has included a session that ran 10 p.m. to midnight last night.

Rehearsals at the venue were held yesterday and today to perfect the harmonizing of all the acts into one phenomenal event—we have the Messiah Company dancers and flag bearers; Maurice Sklar, world-renown violinist with his inspired, moving renditions of Hatikvah (Israeli national anthem), Schindler’s List and Raisins & Almonds pieces, joining Paul Wilbur, Integrity Music recording artist, world-traveling musician and worship singer, as he sings his songs in Spanish and invites people to join the dancing at the foot of the stage.

Plus, we had Jonathan Bernis giving his testimony and sharing the Good News with the audience with well-known Argentinian evangelist as his translator, Omar Cabrera; and the outreach team and a whole slew of Argentinian intercessors stepping up to pray with whomever may need prayer at the end of the evening.

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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