Argentina Day 2

Today the JVMI outreach team went to the Plaza San Martin, which is the center of the city. It’s a shopping district and we went  to hand out flyers for the concerts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. We had 28 people handing out flyers and we handed out more than 25,000 flyers in one day. As we saw the streams of people walk by us, we knew indeed that the harvest is plentiful. We prayed for God’s anointing to fall on the people of the city, moving them to come to the festival and come to the saving knowledge of Yeshua as Messiah.

Interestingly, I found out from my interpreter, Tomas, that Cindy Jacobs had been at his church a week or so ago, and she admonished the people to begin to share their faith with the people of the city, as it was harvest time!  Tomas told me that he was a little afraid and unsure of how to do that. God did an amazing thing by bringing him to help us on our street outreach team. Yesterday when the Lord made him part of my team and anointed us to share the Gospel with people, praying with them to receive Yeshua as their Lord, Tomas was right there…listening and interpreting as I shared the Good News with the people. This gave him first hand experience in how to lead people to Messiah. He was excited to learn how simple it really is and he was very encouraged to be used in this way.

What a beautiful picture of how God orchestrates each of our lives, to call us and equip us for the work of the ministry that He has for us!

While the outreach team went out today, the intercessory team was actively covering the outreach in prayer.  They got Psalm 24 as a relevant Scripture today, and as a result they spoke to the gates of the city.  The intercessors are coming together in unity and overcoming language barriers. Powerful prayers are coming forth from the team, and we’re looking forward to the prayer covering for the event building to even greater heights.

Tonight Jonathan Bernis shared a message with the entire team asking us all to remind people to bathe the outreach in prayer because there is usually resistance from the Orthodox Jewish community against the festival outreaches.  Please keep us in your prayers, especially during the time that the festivals are going on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Today I did have the privilege of praying with a women (Mariana) to rededicate her life to the Lord. Others were encouraged to come to the festival and we’re standing in faith that they will come to know the Lord at the festival.

Day 2, over and out….

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