JVMI Argentina 2009

Day one on the streets of Argentina was filled with excitement and God’s anointing to bring souls into the Kingdom.  The day started out in a church service in which the people poured out a heart of love toward the Jewish People as they opened their hearts to receive prayer from Jonathan and the intercession team for them to receive the spirit of intercession for the Jewish People.  The count down is on.

It’s Sunday and the festival begins Thursday night and will run for a total of three nights.  We began handing out flyers today to invite people.  In the course of doing that, the Lord opened up the heavens and shone on eight people who received salvation. Please pray for Sebastian, Pedro, Sol, Miracle, Karan, and Manana, as well as the two other un-named precious new additions to the Kingdom of God.

Please also pray that everyone who receives a flyer in the course of our street outreach will be touched by the Holy Spirit to attend the festival and bring Jewish people. The team here in Argentina is pulling together in unity in order to bring the Gospel to Cordoba and for light to shine in the darkness here so that the people may see a great light and be drawn to the brightness of its rising.  Shalom, Shalom, Cordoba!  We bring Good News!

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