Sunday Blessings in Cordoba

Intercessors for Israel. The festival outreach team visited the church Cita con La Vida (Fellowship with Life) this morning, a 2,000+ attendees church pastored by Carlo Belart. Rabbi Jonathan Bernis was the main speaker, and not only delivered a powerful message on Romans chapters 9 & 11, but also prayed for people who believed were being called by God to be intercessors for Israel.

Rabbi Jonathan began by reminding people that Jesus was a Jew, that His disciples were Jews, that 3,000 Jewish Believers were present at Shavuot/Pentecost, and that the first followers were Jews, including Paul, one of the most effective Jewish Believers to ever come to believe in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Jonathan went on to explain that Paul actually is taking an oath in Romans 9:1 when he goes on to share something so profound, that he himself could wish to be cursed and cut off from Messiah for the sake of his brothers, the people of Israel. This was evidence of the important, weighty testimony he was giving, because he knew that his testimony determines the fate of individuals. And he was willing to give up not just life, but eternal life for the sake of his brothers.

And why would Paul be declaring just how much he loves Israel as he is speaking to his Gentile brothers? Because Paul was declaring the very heart of God Himself, longing for the prodigal son to come home, the physical sons of Abraham to come back & come home. Paul was calling the church to reach out to the Jews. He reminded them that God has not rejected the Jews, but due to their rejection of Yeshua as the Messiah, the Gentiles received salvation.

And the question posed then is what then can be of the Jews receiving the Messiah? Life from the dead is what it means for all. So Paul’s message is just as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago when he wrote it, that the Gentiles must reach out to the Jews.

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis believes we are living in the Last Days and we have a responsibility to reach the Jew and Argentinian alike with the life transforming message of Yeshua the Messiah of Israel. So he asked for those with a special burden to pray for Israel to go to the front of the church so that he may pray for them. And more than 100 people came forward to worship the Lord and receive blessings from the rabbi for co-laboring to reach the Jewish People with the Good News.

Interview with La Manana de Cordoba newspaper. Questions posed to Rabbi Jonathan Bernis by a newspaper journalist were aimed at finding the differences in and hot topics related to religion. Such questions as “What is the difference between Messianic Jewish Believers and Catholics?” and “Why do the Orthodox Jews not like you?” were asked, giving the chance for Jonathan to give understanding to those who were willing to learn.

In fact, Jonathan welcomed the chance, should someone give him the opportunity, to further explain how bad decisions made by rabbis 2,000 years ago continue to set up controversies and debates today. If someone would give Jonathan the opportunity, he’d explain how it was a power struggle between Jewish authorities and Jesus and how it continues to affect us today.

The team performs Davidic dance.

Precisely because of the differences between Jewish Believers and Orthodox Jewish non-believers or Messianic Jewish Believers and Catholics, conversation is offered by Jonathan Bernis. He is in the center of what God is doing with the festival outreach. And he is not only willing to discuss the gap between Jews and Gentiles, but also willing to stand in it… for the sake of His people—Israel.

Street Outreach effective for spreading the word, planting seeds and working the harvest. Teams were out with festival flyers today, canvassing a 150+ acre park to get word out about Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night festival events.

While the team was on foot and placing flyers into people’s hands as they walked or drove by, the dance team was out in 80+ degree weather doing Daviddic dancing and banner waving in full costume to give people a sneak peek of events to come.

The flyers for some were just a piece of paper informing them of events, while for others they were what the Holy Spirit would use to draw them to the Lord. Through conversations of what the festival is all about, being born again of the Spirit, eight people gave their lives to the Lord. Praise God!

As if that weren’t enough, we have nine more street outreach sessions in which we get to repeat the blessed experience from today.

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