Argentina Trip: October 24, 2009

Another interview today for the Rabbi.

Jonathan Bernis joined Jorge Kelly on Café con Galleta (coffee and cookies) on LV2 radio, which has an audience of well-informed intellectuals in high society tuning in to hear discussions of political, religious, or current events issues.

The show began with the host asking about the festival, which is geared toward Jews and Christians, and why not all Jewish People will be at the event.  He continued with questions such as what the difference is between Messianic and Jewish Believers and Christians, what the relationship between Messianic Jewish Believers and the Vatican is, and why the Orthodox Jewish community is not happy we’re here.

These questions allowed Rabbi Jonathan Bernis to inform on beliefs, the ministry, and the festival, and invite people to come check it out, and perhaps even plant a seed with unbelievers about the goodness of God.

What a wonderful opportunity is provided via mass media to reach the lost sheep of the House of Israel or anyone who has ears to hear that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah! May the Lord move the hearts of those that listen and win them to Him!

The festival outreach participants have arrived safely today. And they pulled up in style!

Check out the picture below right and notice the beautiful bus that our team was able to acquire for the transportation from the airport to the hotel. The bus is from the Betel Tourism Company, a Christian-owned company that is known for their overnight bus trips to various locations during which a trip attendant will read the Bible or preach the Gospel.

Participants arrive.After they arrived from their international flights, our participants got a chance for a brief rest. Then they were off to the orientation, dinner at a restaurant to sample the wonderful steaks of beef that Argentina prides itself on, and then a good night’s sleep.

Thank you for praying for the team’s safe travels! Please continue to pray for their protection while in Cordoba, that their energy levels would run high, that the work may not be hindered by physical exhaustion, but that it would prosper in the hands that were raised to the Lord in responding to His call.

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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