First Days in Cordoba, Argentina

Things are just fantastic!

Cordoba, Argentina, in the foothills of the Sierra Chicas with more than 1 million people, is a great little metropolitan city with many pedestrians traversing the streets popping in and out of restaurants, shops, cultural, and civic houses and small business centers.

And then it’s got the men at cafes sitting and playing chess and young lovers in the squares at eleven o’clock at night, which is just late evening here and not too late by Argentinian standards—dinner is eaten here around 10:00 p.m. and early morning means 9:00 a.m. It’s not advised that any business be transacted at that early time, since people are just rolling out of bed then, and even at 10:00 a.m. you’ll find people with bedhead if you make them meet you so early!

I think I’ve found another culture to call mine, and I haven’t even yet mentioned the stray dogs on the streets that are friendly and incredibly smart that walk you home, walking by your side at first and then getting ahead of you and stopping and looking back every now and then to make sure you’re still following them; and the the boys in the park playing soccer, teams awaiting their turns to play sitting on the benches on the side.

It’s more a stone and concrete city, so even the park has cement soccer fields instead of grass, but there are palm trees and oaks and some flowering trees lining the paths on the open squares, and narrowing the sidewalks to one-person ways.

View from my hotel.


Here is a photo from my wonderful hotel window of the spectacular view of the park, the city, and the Sierra Chicas way back…

The JVMI outreach team is very busy, running to and fro about the city or at work in the office here at the hotel, purchasing materials, arranging meetings with various contacts, representatives, officials, taking needed measures to ensure that all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed with the city, that everything is addressed so that the festival is a safe, legitimate outreach in the eyes of the law and that the event has no hindrances as much as is within control.

Word is that the Jewish community is aware of the event and has requested that the venue not allow the festival to occur because it is not, in fact, a Jewish festival, that we are not a Jewish organization. So far, the beat goes on.

Advertising and promotions will be in full swing next week, since the festival is at the end of next week, and this week would be too early to go all out spreading the word because people may forget about it. Billboards are up throughout the city now however. Once the team arrives, we shall canvas the city with flyers next week.

Jonathan Bernis has interviews with local media, and our media men have met with the local production company to discuss details for the video/audio/technical communication aspects of the event.

More to come soon…

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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