Vitamin Boost Heals Woman in Gondar

Day 3 Update for JVMI Gondar Medical Mission

Yet another busy day at the clinic.  The medical team saw approximately 900 patients.  The doctors evaluated many cases of parasites (due to the water being contaminated and the general living conditions) and many other ailments that are prominent in the region.

A lovely woman came into the clinic whose body was calcium deficient. Calcium deficiency causes tremendous pain, stiffening of the muscles, and extreme discomfort in the joints to the extent of losing use of the limbs.

This is the first year that we have brought vitamins that could be injected to relieve those symptoms. The doctors were able to inject her with doses of calcium, and her symptoms IMMEDIATELY began to subside. Her limbs that had been immobile for years were finally able to be moved without pain. PRAISE GOD!

There have been an immeasurable amount of miracles, healings, and salvations in the prayer room! We usually calculate the number of salvations at the end of the clinic.

Check back often—we will keep you updated as often as possible!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you!

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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