Lame Walk, Blind See in Gondar

Day 2 Medical Mission Update

The clinic triaged about 1,200 patients and saw about 750 patients.

Amongst the crowd of volunteers were two people whose deaf ears were opened, and a gentleman who was almost blind had his sight completely restored. Another gentleman walked into the medical clinic completely crippled with various debilitating pains all over his body and walked out upright without any pain at all!


Our medical team was asked to do a “home visit” for a group of people who had severe medical conditions and lived in the dump.  Our medical administrators chartered a bus and brought these precious people into the compound for treatment. Our doctors were able to treat their symptoms and provide for their needs.

Children are populous in Gondar! Our administrators took suitcases full of clothes and shoes for the children of Gondar. The team ran out of clothes on the first day!

Our administration team went out and purchased more children’s clothes. There were beautiful dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, and shoes. One of these treasured little girls who was given an adorable brand new little dress was overtaken by the fact that we would give her something so valuable.  Our team was touched by her gentleness and heart for her new gift.

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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