In Gondar, God Reigns Over Medical Mission

Andy Freeman

Medical Clinic Day One Update

Today was the first day for the medical clinic in Gondar, Ethiopia.

And while it was overcast and cool, with rain on and off, the spirits of the people were warm with love as they stood in line waiting to see the Jewish Voice medical team.

Nearly eighty volunteers came together in prayer to seek the Lord’s direction and anointing for the long day ahead. Jonathan Bernis encouraged all from the Scriptures that they were about to perform an incredible work in the lives of these wonderful Jewish people in the name of Yeshua.

As the clinic came to life, hundreds of men, women, and children streamed into the facility like the rain that ran down from the surrounding mountains. Yet it was with order, grace, and humility that these suffering souls filled the two, three-story buildings filled with physicians, dentists, nurses, and prayer warriors.

Soon, faces that were drawn and pain stricken were changed to smiles and relief. Little babies crying out and wrestling in the grasp of their mothers transformed to peaceful infants resting in those same weary arms.

As we visited each specialty, we saw amazing skills the Lord had instilled in these precious volunteers to bring healing and bright hope to these Jewish people—many who had never seen a doctor or dentist.

What a joy it was to watch the eyes of old and young alike light up when they were able to read and see clearly because of a simple pair of glasses!

And then there were the prayer rooms. As we approached, you could hear the voices of intercession rising to heaven, calling upon the Lord to bring healing, deliverance, and salvation into the lives and bodies of all who asked. We saw a man celebrate as he walked without pain for the first time in years. We met a Muslim woman who came for medical help and left with that need fulfilled and the Lord in her heart.

And we praised the Father as a teenage girl met her Messiah for the very first time.

There is so much more to say and celebrate, as hundreds were touched physically and spiritually.

But allow me to close by reporting, as it was in the Bible, that the lame are walking, the blind are seeing, and the deaf are hearing.

Glory to God!

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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