The Lord Provides a Divine Breakthrough in Ethiopia

Andy Freeman

The Lord is doing great things in Gondar.

We meet with much resistance and complications with local leaders in the city.

This caused many hours of negotiations and difficulties. However, the Lord has been breaking down these bureaucratic walls and we are now moving forward.

Medicines and equipment that had been embargoed are now released and on the way to Gondar for the clinic.

We have also seen a marvelous early response in the Jewish community in advance—more than 500 people are officially registered for medical services and we are still two days from opening day!

The Lord provided Cheryl Schang an historic opportunity to speak at Shabbat service today. She communicated the richness and unbounded love of the Lord for each one here in Ethiopia, using the Psalms of King David as her text. So many were moved and blessed.

There are great days of ministry, missions, and miracles ahead.

Please encourage the friends and partners of Jewish Voice in North America and Europe to press in during their prayers for the Spirit of the Lord to overwhelm this city, the people, and bring liberation in health and set the captives free!

Visit the official Jewish Voice Ministries International site.

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